It all began in 1983, Tsubasa Ozora(Majid Kamel) moved to a new town called Nankatsu(Al-Majd) to refine his soccer skills. His dream therefore, is to become the Best Soccer Player in the World. When he settled down, however, he had found his adversary, Super Goalkeeper Genzo Wakabayashi(Waleed) who could catch any kind of ball ranging from Rugby to Baseball, not to mention Soccer balls. Tsubasa agreed to compete with Wakabayashi in a soccer match to see who is the best. When Ryo Ishizaki(Omar) got injured during the game, a skillful boy called Taro Misaki(Yaseen Yasser) offered to take Ishizaki's position. Tsubasa's team won the game. Since then, Tsubasa, Taro and Genzo became the best of friends. This gave room, however, to Kojiro Hyuga(Bassam) to become Tsubasa's Top Rival for the next five years.

  Tsubasa and Kojiro---Mega Rivals!

Romanized Name Conversions

           Japanese Name                          Arabic Name

Tsubasa Ozora Majid Kamil
Kojiro Huyga Bassam
Genzo Wakabayashi Waleed
Taro Misaki Yaseen Yasser
Ken Wakashimazu Ra3ad
Takishi Sawada Ma'moon
Ryo Ishizaki Omar
Hiroshi Jito Hasan
Hikaru Matsuyama Majd
Jun Misugi Mazin
Kazuo & Masao Tchibanna Muneer & Anwar Shawqi
Shun Nitta Ammar
Urabe Hanji Saamer
Yuzuo Morisaki Bashaar
Hajime Taki Husaam
Makoto Soda Hayiaan
Sanae Nakazawa Lana Namiq
Izawa Nasir
Kisugi Kamal
Kira Essmat
Katagiri Hazim
Sano Saamer
Mikami Hassaan
Roberto Hongo Fawaaz
These are most of the names that appear frequently in the series. If any of you people know more Japanese names and their Arabic counterparts, feel free to send me a message!

Captain Tsubasa Video Games

1st GameBoy Release     2nd GameBoy Release   Sony PSX  Release(Newest)

Family Game(NES) Release
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