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Old Folk
"Oh man! I need to take a piss!"    "Hey people! Wait for us!"         "Wakabayashi's Mona Lisa!!"
  "Hey look! It's Guy Smiley!!"    "I give up! Kanda, here I come!"  "The Three Stooges of Japan??"
"Look Mom! I'm FLYING!!"

Fresh Blood!
"Shingo performs a head-butt pass to Misaki!!"    "If Japan doesn't score now, it will be out!!"
           Ishizaki and Misaki:-"Excellent!!"                    Tsubasa to the ball:-"Get in the goal!!"
           Hyuga and Nitta:-"Fantastic!!"                "If I don't score now, my dream won't come true!"

 "Yes!! I scored!! We're in the Semi-Finals!"          "And that's how we won the World Cup..."
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