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TIA, Bahrain, 29/03/1998:
***The Trio Of Power***
Article Written by
Hesham Al-Emadi

What I mean by saying "Trio" is in reference to three players:- Hyuga, Tsubasa, and Jito. I know, I know. You're saying:-"Why is Tsubasa so terribly misplaced by your highness??". I think I made the right categorization. I also made a lot of fun out of the poor guy, so I think he deserves some respect. In this article, I'll be able to show you who will rise as the most powerful and skillful of the three, for I'll be treating each of them as a bullet-proof tank. Bear in mind, it's just an analysis of my own opinion, so you might not agree to this. You might also say:-"Why isn't Soda one of those guys?"..Well, I had that thought in my mind before making my final decision, and Thank God, I didn't choose him! Who wants to talk about someone who ends other players' soccer careers by causing them chronic injuries, just to win a sleazy match?? I sure don't want to waste my breath on him!!  Besides, "Best Things Come In Three's!"...:-)

Let's take Jito...He's BIG, he's TOUGH, he's a WELL-BALANCED player too, which makes him a deadly opponent. Although there's a negative side to Jito's attitude. Instead of working on his soccer skills, he goes on refining his fighting techniques. The guy loves to hurt people sadistically. If it weren't for Sano...God Knows...

**TOUGHNESS TEST:- Has a great power to shoot a "Normal" shot from the half-line of the play field. He throws his opponents on the ground like weightless insects, effortless. One small shoulder-push from him had dislocated Tsubasa's injured arm. I'd give him a fair 8.5...

**ENDURANCE TEST:- I've seen him fight in Sano's defence, Tsubasa's Drive Shot injured his eye pretty badly. This guy's a rhino! You deserve a solid 7 dude!

**SKILL TEST:- As I've mentioned before, he doesn't give a didly squat to soccer practice. Although his soccer combination with Sano does give him some credit. Take this 5 from me baby!

Comments: If you think that you're a soccer player, Hiroshi, why don't you act like one for heaven's sake(Or Sano's for that matter)!

It's Hyuga's turn...Yes, Kojiro, your father died in front of you at the hospital when you were 5 years old. He left you heavily in debt. You took care of your family of 4 all by yourself. You worked day and night, balancing your time between school, work, and soccer. Amazing, and yet very sad. You really are, "The Lone Tiger"...

**TOUGHNESS TEST:- I don't even have to speak on the behalf of this guy. One thing that amazed me in CT1, is when he smashed that piece of wood by one kick. This alone can act as an indicator to how tough Hyuga is. He throws his opponents on the ground too. But unlike Jito who relies on his weight, Kojiro is constructed out of Steel. He also enjoys a very HOT temper. A proud 9 is what you get, O Mighty Tiger!

**ENDURANCE TEST:- Ah, the word "Fatigue" does not exist in his dictionary. Instead, he replaced it with "Absolute Determination". During his encounter with Matsuyama, only then did I see the Tiger collapse. He cut through his way to victory with a lot of effort in that match. You can also see it in the way he works...Carrying all of those beverage crates, running long distances to distribute newspapers, etc. Even though I have to admit, he became somewhat softer in the second part, but that didn't change Hyuga's raging nature. When Kira insulted Hyuga after his match against Misugi, he thought that it would be too much(and disgusting) to kick someone with a heart-disease. This shows how Hyuga balances between his Cold-Heartiness and his Sympathy to others. Just Wonderful. This is getting too long, I'll talk for ages. I must stop and give him a 9 for this!

**SKILL TEST:- Hyuga depends on his strength in order to push his skills to their limits. His Tiger Shot is one example. His Combo with Takishi is also notable. Most of the time he attacks alone, which pretty much does have a dramatic effect on his individual skills as a soccer player. BUT, Soccer is a game of teamwork, and you don't seem to understand that pretty much Kojiro...So how about a cool 8?

Comments: You sure became a legend, and you did it all by YOURSELF. Well, with a little help from Kira, of course. Work on your temper and selfish habits, then you'll become an undefeatable star.

Last, but definitely not least, Captain Tsubasa Ozora. I can't believe how much people hate you man. Maybe it's that silly smile you always wear on your face every morning. All you think of is soccer, Brazil, and yourself. God Have Mercy over your poor wife! Even though you are the main protagonist of this long-running series, people tend to avoid you by getting attracted to other ace characters like Hikaru(I really like this name. You can feel its power by saying it...HIKARU...YAAY!!!), Genzo, and Kira(I must've pushed this over the edge by now!).  This test will show how correct these people are about you, so here it goes...

**TOUGHNESS TEST:- Who else can rip the ball open when it hits the goal post with his shot? Who else could jump over the Legendary Wakashimazu(CT1) and rip the goal net with a normal shot? Who else has flaring vengeance in his eyes(Other than Kabamaru Igano?!)?? Who else had scored Hefner into the goal with a double kick? Who else could collapse for 5-10 times in one game and still go on playing like a Monstrous Hawk?? Who else...AH what the heck! I can see the judge holding a 10 back there!

**ENDURANCE TEST:- A helpless twig, a scrawny sorry case, the A-10 Super Tank of The Century!!!! No one, NO ONE can endure injuries and fatigue like Tsubasa:-

1) Nitta's shot injured his left side of the forehead, which was a bit bad.(CT2)

2) Fell with Kazou from a height of 10 meters. Protecting the Tchibanna from the fall, Tsubasa dislocated his shoulder bone.(CT2)

3) Suffered a leg injury because of Soda, who deliberately did what he did(And I really hate this guy!).(CT2)

4) Endured a powerful kick in the stomach by Hyuga, which resulted in his flight to the crowd area. He even suffered from a minor leg injury in the same match.(CT1)

Of course, there are lots of things that I didn't mention for the sake of length. Let us not forget the fact that I still didn't watch Captain Tsubasa 3, so I think there's more proof in that part. For that, Mr.Ozora, a 10 isn't even big enough comparing to your level.

**SKILL TEST:- You really showed your mark in this test. You have outdone Misugi The Prince Of  Japanese Soccer, and made Schneider The Kaiser Of German Football cry. What are you capable of?

1) When Hyuga and Tsubasa jumped for the ball in CT1, they both gave a head shot to it. When they started falling to the ground feet-up style, Tsubasa stood with ONE ARM and maintained his balance, whereas Hyuga fell on the ground helplessly.

2) One scene from CT1 which truly amazed me(it's one of my favorite scenes too!) is that when Tsubasa was marked by two players from Jun's team, one on his right and the other on his left, and they centered Tsubasa in between themselves by following him very closely. In a sudden motion, he disappeared! Astonished, they were searching for him, only to find him behind by 2 meters. So he ran like a bullet through them, and they still were too baffled to move! Alas, I've lost the tape which had the scene...:-(

3) Captain Tsubasa showed extreme skillfulness during his last encounter with Toho. I'll speak in terms of Power Points. Tsubasa made a Drive Shot, that's 200 PP. Hyuga, a tough and a strong man, encountered it with a Tiger Shot, and since the Tiger Shot has 240 PP, this adds up to 440. Tsubasa encountered it with another Drive shot, as if it was a still ball on the ground!! 440 PP cuts through a Goal Keeper's stomach like a mini-rocket, and Tsubasa, who has severe leg and shoulder injuries managed to encounter this ball! If  you just had seen how the ball glowed with a white flash, like a Notorious Comet!!! Now this needs an excellent skill. 640 PP is Tsubasa's Giga Drive Shot combined with Hyuga's Tiger Shot, and it took Wakashimazu's whole body and Kojiro's aerial jump to save the goal's net!!!

4) Some people might say:-"Jun is by far much more better than this child!". You're absolutely wrong! Misugi, like the Tchibanna Bros., knows his Aerial Soccer pretty well. His Super Double Kick is a deadly weapon in his arsenal. Even Wakashimazu fell a prey to this shot. BUT, Tsubasa did a Reversed Double Kick, using the BACK of his foot!!! He jumped horizontally to the ball, pushed his two hands against the ground for an aerial boost ,and then shot the ball, giving his back to the ball and to Wakashimazu!!! TREMENDOUS AGILITY!! PERFECT TIMING!!! All I can say is:-"WOW!!" I've snapped three pictures of this shot and they are on my CT1 Gallery right now. Go there and have a look.

I think this is enough...You deserve the Honor Medal of Skill with a 10 written in the center. You really are, "The Emperor of Soccer". Besides, Takahashi wanted that to happen. You're the hero of his story!..:-)

Comments: You're a perfect player and the "Creme de la Creme", that won't change. You'll only get better when you train as a professional. The only flaw you have my man, is that you don't give Sanae "face". That's bad. You should consider yourself lucky having her. Think about it...You'll see that I'm right! And please, quit smiling all the time, it reflects negatively over your personality.

At last, I'm finished with the evaluation! Hope you liked it, and to those who love proving me wrong, trust me, you can't. I'm not stating any factual ratings,  just my opinion. So the only thing you could do, is tell me who you think is powerful...But don't impose the idea as the Ultimate one...Give room to other "arguers"..:-) And this article is 12K big! Enjoy it...

This is Hesham Al-Emadi reporting from the Tsubasa Intelligence Agency in Bahrain.

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