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The Captain Tsubasa News Stand

Welcome to my news stand. I have been writing some articles lately in the Captain Tsubasa Cool List, and I want all of you to share them too.  I have converted the e-mail into HTML form, made them look much better and added some pictures to make an impression. Hope you like them!  Oh, and don't forget to check out my fan fiction.  Many think it is worth taking a look at...;-)

 Article I: The Goalie Prejudice
           How Ken Wakashimazu got the "end of the stick"...

Article II: Roberto Hongo..A Soccer Dilemma?
           Takahashi made a mistake, and you have guessed it...

 Article III: The Trio Of Power
           The Final Showdown: Three Elite Players struggle for the summit of Soccer Success...

 Article IV: The Forgotten Heroes
             A tribute to those who did all the work from behind the scenes but never got credit...

 The Ultimate Challenge
           You've asked for it, you've got it! This is my own fan ficiton!

Rest assured that I will be adding more articles in the near future. I submit them to the EGROUP List first, and then I post them on my site. Most of important of all, ENJOY THEM!

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