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The Ultimate Challenge
Part Seven: One Down, Eleven Rabbits To Go!

Tsubasa is seen at a Super Shuttle station with Hyuga.

Hyuga:"Take care of yourself Tsubasa kun! Especially when you reach Kobe, God knows when
another earthquake would hit it!"

Tsubasa:"You don't need to worry about me that much...I can handle the toughest situations with ease."

Hyuga:"Judging from the numerous physical injuries you get per league, I don't think that I should second you on that!"

Tsubasa<changing the subject>:"Uhh, Wow! Look at the time! I better be going! See you in a month's time, Hyuga kun!"

Hyuga:"Yes! Have a safe trip!"

The Super Shuttle arrives promptly on its scheduled time. Tsubasa says his last good byes to the Lone Tiger and gets in the shuttle. The shuttle cut through the air like a bullet before giving Hyuga the chance to raise his hand and wave at the pointy haired sorry case. Well, that's what he thought of him anyway!

While all the events were taking place in Japan, Bahrain had its own share of the going-ons. To be more specific, in the Qassim residence. We see a typical Arabian woman, in her late teen years, facing the notorious character of our fan fiction. He's all dressed up, as if he's ready to leave for somewhere.

Eman:"Is it necessary for you to leave? But why go to Germany all of a sudden?"

Saleem:"I told you, I have certain business to take care of over there! Why are you asking stupid questions?!"

Eman:"No, Saleem! They're not stupid! Please tell me the truth! What kind of business?"

Saleem:"ALL RIGHT!! That's it! You want to know? Then you shall receive!"

Eman:"I'm listening..."

Saleem:"Remember that guy who bailed me out of prison back in Japan? Well, he works in Germany, and I need to meet with him as soon as possible."

Eman:"Ok, and...?"

Saleem:"That's it!"

Eman:"I don't think that you told me the whole truth! I can feel that you're hiding something else from me!"

Saleem<evading>:"I must leave now. You take care of yourself. I'll return in 3 weeks time. If you need anything, just call my GSM."

Eman:"I will, no need to worry, dear brother!"

Saleem:"Great! Farewell!"


As Saleem walked out of the door, Eman went back to finishing up her house chores. Half an hour later, she heard a series of hard knocks on the door. When she opened 1/4 of  it, she saw this tall, muscular blonde man standing like a lamp post right next to the door. He was staring at her with his blue eyes all the time.

Karl:"Eman Qassim, I presume?"

Eman:"Yes...Is there anything I could do for  you, sir?"

Karl:"As a matter of fact, yes! If you'd just let me in..."

Eman<trembling tone>:"I'm very sorry, I can't grant you that! I'm afraid that you have to leave, before you could regret it!!"

Karl<angrily>:"No one refuses what I DEMAND!"

Schneider kicks the door violently, throwing Eman on the floor!

Eman<screaming>:"HELP! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!"

Karl<calmly>:"I want you as a bait. Is that too much to ask?"


Karl:"I'll explain later. Take her to the car, boys!"

Eman<struggling>:"No! No! Please, leave me alone! I beg of you!"

Karl<angry>:"SILENCE, BITCH!!"

Schneider slaps the girl as if she's a volley ball!! Eman faints in the process.

Karl:"That should keep you from using that trap of yours! C'mon! Let's go!"

Meanwhile, back in Japan, Tsubasa arrives safely at Nagoya. He really is gratified towards Hyuga, he gave him the Dojo's exact location. Tsubasa wasted no time and took a ride straight to the desired place. When he arrived, he was utterly surprised, it was a brand new Dojo, with lots of modern equipment and facilities. He decided to step inside, only to find this guy flying towards him with an edge kick!




BAM!! Ken kicks Tsubasa in the jaw!! The dizzy captain falls helplessly on the ground. Two hours later, he wakes up and gives his head a quick shake. His eyes focused on Wakashimazu's face.

Ken<shaking the guy>:"Tsubasa kun! Are you feeling better? Speak to me!"

Tsubasa<aching>:"I suppose so, what kind of a greeting was that?! No wonder the place's empty!"

Ken:"That's the problem! I'm broke!"

Tsubasa<ironic>:"So is everyone else!"

Ken:"So I've decided to wreck the place. That kick was meant for the door, but you stepped in without warning."

Tsubasa:"Oh? Then I'm very sorry that I've spoiled your moment of joy!"

Ken:"Don't worry about it! I'm a complete failure!"

Tsubasa:"Yes, you must be a total failure!"

Ken:"What?! What makes you SO sure??"

Tsubasa:"Judging from those baskets full of soccer balls over there at the corner! You're not training them self-defense, you're ordering them to shoot the balls at you all at once so you could improve your Goal Keeping! What were you thinking man?!"


Tsubasa:"Just as I thought! You never quit soccer! You still carry that feeling of rivalry towards Wakabayashi. You're not content unless you prove to the Soccer World that you're better than him."

Ken:"Tsubasa, no one could rival your genius...Yes! That's exactly what is going on in my mind!"

Tsubasa:"Now you have the chance to prove your self once more!"

Ken:"Really? How?"

Tsubasa:"I need you to join up with the National Japanese Team. It's Katagiri san's request."

Ken:"Great! I'll do that! So, what is it that I should do now?"

Tsubasa:"Take this number, it's coach Gamou's. Contact him for further details, but right now, I should leave this town to look for the others. The only location I know of is Misaki's. Could you help me out with the others, if you know any other location?"

Ken:"All right, let's see...Ah yes! I know that Matsuyama lives in Hiroshima, and the Tchibanna Brothers on the island of Kyushu. I've been informed that they live in Kagoshima."

Tsubasa:"Kagoshima? That's at the tail of the empire! All right, Wakashimazu kun, I better be leaving. Get a grip on yourself, and call Gamou as soon as you get the chance!"

Ken:"Sure, Captain!"

Tsubasa:"Sayounara, Wakashimazu kun!"

Tsubasa runs as fast as his feet could go towards the Super Shuttle station. He buys a ticket and then gets in the rail-way rocket. His next destination is Kobe, the land of Earth Quakes! He wasn't afraid or anything, it's just that he's worried that one of them quakes will take place before he reaches Misaki. Tsubasa took a nap for ten minutes, but that wasn't enough, because he had already reached the targeted station. Tsubasa stepped out of the shuttle bus, and began to scan his surroundings. Deep in his gut, he felt that something TERRIBLY wrong is going to take place. But, of course, it's only a feeling. At least, that's what he thought!

Tsubasa went around asking people to guide him to the National Seismic Center of Kobe. "Ask, and You Shall Receive" as some people say. So when he knew the whereabouts of the place, he went straight to it, this time on foot. He doesn't want to waste anymore of his precious income! Tsubasa gets in the building and heads to the Receptionist Office.

Tsubasa:"Excuse me, Miss, but could you tell me where Mr.Taro Misaki works?"

Receptionist:"Sure, if you just would allow me to keep your ID card with me."

Tsubasa<handing her the card>:"Why, be my guest!"

The Receptionist took a deep gaze in the ID card. Then she shrieked in her highest pitch. Tsubasa could've sworn that he felt blood gushing out of his ear drums!

Tsubasa:"Woah!! Is something wrong?!"

Receptionist:"I can't believe it! You're Tsubasa Ozora! This must be a dream! I LOVE YOU TSUBASA SAN!"

Tsubasa:"Yeah...YOU WHAT?!?!?!"

Before he knew it, Tsubasa is pulled over the counter by the UGLY woman! Then she started kissing him like CrAzY! Tsubasa tried to resist her (seductive?) grip, but with no success!

Tsubasa<crying>:"No, please! I beg you, don't do this to me! I'm a happily married man! Don't ruin my life! I'm too young to be ruined!"

Receptionist:"Just shut up and joy it while you're at it!"

Tsubasa<pointing to the left>:"Look! A Three Headed Monkey!"

Receptionist:"What?! Where??? HEY! COME BACK LOVER BOY!!!"

Tsubasa takes the chance and jumps over the counter. Then he ran so fast, his lungs ran out of air! He owed it all to Guybrush Threepwood! While he was running like hell, he bumped into another person, knocking him and himself on the floor.

Tsubasa:"Ouch! That hurts!"

Misaki:"Who?! Tsubasa?!?! My BEST friend! It's been years!"

Tsubasa:"Eight years, to be exact!"

They stood up, and exchanged passionate hugs.

Misaki:"Why were you running as if you were chased down by dogs?!"


Author:"What do you mean? This is my fan fiction, you can't do anything out of the script, is that clear??"

Tsubasa:"GRRRR...Just wait till this fan fiction ends..."

Author:"Don't raise your hopes, it's far from finished! HOAHOAHOAHOHOAHOA!!"

Misaki:"What brought you here anyway?"

Tsubasa:"I'm on a mission, a sacred mission you could say."

Misaki:"Oh? You've decided to take on Earth Quakes? Great! We could help each other, just like old times when we used to be in the soccer field!"

Tsubasa:"Soccer field, YES! Earthquakes, NO!!!"

Misaki:"What? Are you serious about this?"

Tsubasa:"Yes. I need you to join up with the National Japanese Team. So, what do you say?"

Misaki:"I...don't know..."

Tsubasa:"The team can't survive a single match without you Misaki kun, trust me! You must join me!"

Misaki:"But I can't leave this place! I've worked so hard towards achieving a balance to this problem. This county will no longer suffer from earthquakes, thanks to my Seismo Equalizer UnitTM"

Tsubasa:"That's too bad. I don't think that Katagiri san will be happy when he hears this!"

Misaki:"Not to worry, I know that you guys will manage without me! In the meantime, I'm eager to show you the Main Control Room that hosts my incredible invention. Would you give me the honor of showing you around?"

Tsubasa<disappointed>:"Yeah, I suppose so..."

Tsubasa and Misaki utilized the elevator to the last floor of the building. When they got there, Tsubasa started walking behind Misaki, who then lead him to the Main Control Room.

Tsubasa<amazed>:"Wow! Look at all this machinery! This place is really cool!"

Misaki:"Yes! You've got that right! Just look around! All this is the fruit of over five years of hard work. Not to mention the astonishing amounts of sleepless hours!"

Tsubasa:"Really? You've done a great job then!"

Misaki<smiling>:"Arigato Tsubasa kun!"

Tsubasa:" Tondemonai...Hey! What do you know?! A soccer ball!"

Tsubasa kicks the ball slightly off the pivot it rested on.



BOOOOOOOM!!! An Earth Quake struck the ground, the Earth halved wide open…Lava came out of the angry roar that took spirits out of the crowd's bodies. Cries of agony and sheer pain can be heard from afar. The Seismic Center began to crumble before the Golden Combo's eyes!


Tsubasa:"There's no time to ask! We better get the hell out of here, and FAST!"

They took the stairs and began to slide down as fast as they could. Have I forgot to mention that they were on the 95th floor??

Meanwhile, back in the Netherlands, Sanae is at the mansion watching a pathetic sitcom. Suddenly, the program is interrupted.

News Reporter:"NEWS FLASH!! This is just in:- A 5.9 scaled earthquake had struck Kobe violently three hours ago. Rescue team stated that hundreds of unaware civilians were deeply injured, tens of others are still missing, and three people had died due to a crashing building. Experts say that this will be the last earthquake of the season."

Sanae:"What?! This is horrible! TSUBASA! Oh, Silly me! I forgot that he's in Osaka. Thank God!"

Back to Kobe, where the debris of the NSCK building lay a waste...Two people emerge from under the pile of rubble.

Tsubasa<aching>:"Urgh...My head! Misaki kun! Are you all right?"

Misaki<crying like hell>:"My future is over! All these years have gone with the wind! What am I going do now? What will my father say?! He's going to change his name to Fukamachi because of this! I'm doomed! BAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!"

After hearing this, Tsubasa plunges his stinky sock into Taro's mouth! Taro pukes at the same instant!

Tsubasa:"There! That should fix you up!"

Misaki<disgusted>:"Why did you do that?? Yuck!"

Tsubasa:"So you may wake up and see the actual reality. Face it Taro! You're made for soccer! You don't belong to a dark room full of gadgets! Your place is between your teammates and the opponent's goal! Your place is in the soccer field, Misaki!! Wake up and smell the roses, DAMN IT!"

Misaki:"<sniff>...I guess you're right! I shouldn't have listened to my wife!"

Tsubasa:"Let's not waste anymore of my precious time. Here, this is Gamou san's number. Call him as soon as you could find a working pay phone. In the meantime, I should run along to the Super Shuttle station and see if the earthquake didn't damage the railway system! Dewa matta kondo!"

Misaki:"Yes! Take care of yourself Tsubasa kun!"

Tsubasa:"I will. Oh, by the way, you should change your identity while you're at it. The police force must be looking everywhere for you by now. Here, take my ID card. My fame will rescue you...I HOPE!"

Misaki:"*GULP*!! Why am I having a bad feeling about this??"

Tsubasa shrugged his shoulders in confusion and left.


 Part Eight