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The Ultimate Challenge
Part Three

It seemed as if he roamed the planet in infinite circles. Tsubasa Ozora was now clear on the fact that he had found his new opponent, the final adversary, The Ultimate Challenge. Thousands of questions were found unanswered within his mind:- "Why didn't I hear of such a player before? How could he possess so much power in a weak body? What should I do to avoid being injured by him like the others? Where did he learn my Drive Shot, and how come it doesn't even look like one?!" All will come in good time. All he wanted to do now, is go home, and compensate his sleeping hours. He's also glad that tomorrow's match against Zurich's Raiders had been canceled, because of the injuries the team suffered from one man! This fact kills him!

Meanwhile, somewhere in Berlin, lies a very big mansion, closer to a palace. The family plate on the main gate reads:- "The Schneider Estate". A quite beautiful young lady, in her late teenage years, is talking on the phone in her bedroom.

Marie: "Yes, I know, I love you too, but you know my brother better than I do!"

Gino: "Yes, that is for sure! He tried to crack my face open once, not by the ball but by his bare foot!"

Marie: "Oh Gino! What are we going to do? I can't live without you!"

Gino: "I'm leaving for Rome after a couple of days. I'm ready to propose to you, but what would Karl say?!"

In a sudden moment, The Kaiser barges violently into the room.

Karl <angrily>: "How many times have I told you Marie? Stop talking with that silly red-headed buffoon!"

Gino: "Uh...I have to go now! Talk to you later! Bye! <CLICK>"

Marie: "No Gino don't!! GINO?!?!"

Karl: "Ah, it's for the better, he realized his limits, at last!!"

Marie: "But I love him Karl! I really..."

Karl <shout>: "SILENCE!!"

Marie <frightened>: "Yes, my brother..."

Karl: "I will never allow this to happen, you hear?? NEVER!!"

Marie <crying>: "Yes...<sniff>..."

He saw her weeping, which somewhat broke his heart.

Karl: "<sigh>, Listen Marie. Just because this guy saved your life once doesn't mean that he's a good soul! I know him inside out! The guy is a DRUNK!! I don't want no drunk dude for my dear sister! I care about you and your future Marie, and I don't want you to take the wrong decisions!"

Marie: "But people change Karl...I'm sure about his love towards me!"

Karl <pondering>: "Ok, look. He can meet with me after a week from now so we could discuss this matter like men, what do you say?"

Marie <surprised>: "Really?!?! You mean it?!"

Karl<regretting>: "Yes, I *unfortunately* do!"

Marie <very happy>: "Oh Karl! I love you so much!!"

She hops into Schneider's arms, giving him a bone crushing bear hug.

Karln <struggling for air>: "All right all right! Stop that will you??"

Karl descends down the stairs, only to see his butler, Rommel, right in front of him.

Rommel: "Guten tag, herr Schneider..."

Karl:"Hello Rommel, what's wrong?"

Rommel:"You have a long-distance call waitng for you, sir..."

Karl:"Oh? Whom is it from?"

Rommel:"I believe it is from a man called, Van Heimer?"

Karl:"WHAT?? All the way from the Netherlands?! It must be something important! Divert the call to my room, will you Rommel? As fast as you could, please!"

Rommel:"Certainly, sir..."

Karl runs upstairs again and goes straight to his room, locking the door behind him. He picks up the phone like a Quick Draw on a gun.

Karl:"Toby! How are you man? Long time no hear! How's my dear cousin Klaus doing?"

Van Heimer:"That's what I've been trying to tell you since this morning! Schmitt is in a comma!"


Van Heimer:"Yeah, you've heard me right!"

Karl:"How bad is it?! Tell me!!"

Van Heimer:"It's bad, very bad. Severe, in fact! That's what the doctors have told me. He might stay this way for like...A good 5 years, maybe!

Karl:"How did this all happen Toby? Don't forget any details!"

Van Heimer:"It's simple. We were playing a 14 against 1 match with an Arab. This pesky Arab is the reason of Schmitt's condition."

Karl:"Why? What did he do?"

Van Heimer:"He broke Schmitt's nose with his shot. Schmitt fell on the ground like a dead fish!"

Karl paused for a minute. Then he started breaking off into hysterical laughter.

Van Heimer: "Whah...What's the matter?"

Karl <laughing hard>: "Did you seriously believe that I would buy this story so easily? Heh! And the fact that you're making a long-distance call! What a sick joke!"

Van Heimer: "I don't understand! Please explain to me Schneider!"

Karl: "My Fire Shot used to bounce off Schmitt's face like a ping pong ball! What the hell are you talking about?"


Karl <stopped laughing>: "You sound serious!"

Van Heimer: "What do you think man, honestly?!"

Karl: "I think you really mean it!"

Van Heimer: "Ugh! Great!!"

Karl: "Ok, I will begin an info search regarding our Arabian collegue here to find out as much about him as possible. In the meantime I'll arrange a heliocopter to fly off to the Netherlands..."

Van Heimer: "Cool! I'll be waiting for you at the National Airport."

Karl: "Thank you, Toby, for speaking with me for this long, I must've raised your phone bills quite dramatically now."

Van Heimer: "What are you talking about?"

Karl: "You mean your call is Free?"

Van Heimer: "Yup!"

Karl: "How come??"

Van Heimer: "It's a collect call!"



  Part Four