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 The Ultimate Challenge
Part Two

It was a fresh morning. The gray clouds have all subdued, leaving a pure blue sky. The morning dew glittered under the sun, giving the plants a great, fresh look. Tsubasa woke up early that morning, before sunrise. He couldn't sleep. What happened yesterday was just too much for him to bear on his chest. He just sat up straight on the bed, pondering about yesterday's events.

Tsubasa<to himself>:"How could this happen to me? Maybe it's my fault in the end. I insisted to get in a fight with the old man. Maybe it was a shocker to you, Tsubasa, but nevertheless, you had times far worse than this. I mean, you should be honored to be playing with AJAX! Ah, but Brazil, Roberto, Carlos...Those were the good ol' days! What the hell were you thinking at that time?!"

He looked at his wife, who was sleeping like an angel. She was filled with childish innocence.

Tsubasa<to himself>:"Why should I torture you with me, Sanae? For what? For my undisputed ego? I will never do that again. Be sure of that. I dragged you out of  Japan as soon as we got married. Although your parents disagreed to this, you insisted upon going, telling them that I was the other half of your soul and you couldn't leave me go alone. I should head to the club now to make a sincere apology."

He leaned towards his wife and gave her a light kiss on the forehead.

Tsubasa<in love!>:"Sleep well, my beautiful angel."

Tsubasa got up, headed to the bathroom, took a shower, wore his suit and got to his Porsche without even having breakfast. He got in, and burned rubber along with a screeching sound, waking the whole neighborhood in the process, let alone his poor wife!

When he arrived at the AJAX Club, he found his teammates practicing under the supervision of Kriford. Tsubasa hopped out of the car, and walked in Kriford's direction.

Tsubasa:"Brian. I trust you are well today."

Kriford:"And I trust that you are the opposite!"

Tsubasa:"No, my dear dear friend. I never felt better."

Kriford:"Whatever! If you're looking for Johan, you'll find him sitting in the lounge. He's making a new deal with some other player for the second division team."

Tsubasa:"Gee, congratulations Brian!"


Tsubasa:"Because you have done a good thing in your life for the first time!!"


Tsubasa:"Uhh...I have to go!"

When he got inside, Tsubasa jogged with confidence towards the lounge. Just before opening the door, he heard a fearful shout coming from the other side. So he thought it would be worth it to listen to what was going on inside before entering.

Johan<shouting>:"Hey! What the hell do you think you are to tell me what to? This is my offer to you. Take It Or Leave It!"

Then the second person started speaking, he was barely heard by Tsubasa, for the door was thick and the guy spoke in a very, very calm and deep voice.

Someone:"I came all the way from the Arabian Gulf for this? You are insulting me. $1,500,000 a year just isn't worth it."


Someone:"Even if that was the case. I should have been on the First Class team from the start, and you know it, but you chose that arrogant dutch player instead. Isn't this what you call in the West, Racism?"

Johan:"I don't have to listen to your crap. Besides, it is well recognized that Bahraini players aren't worth all the effort. In fact, they don't even live up to the standard of our trash cans!"

Tsubasa:"Man! That's a far more insult than the one he told me before signing the contract! Jesus!"

Someone:"You underestimate the Arabian Football I see. Well, I can't agree with you more."


Someone:"But, you're making a grave error if you underestimate MY power!"

Johan:"YOUR power? Don't make me laugh kid! What could an insect like you be capable of?"

Someone:"All right, let us make a deal. I play against all of your AJAX players, alone. If I win, you get me in the First Class team, along with the $5,000,000 deal. What do you say?"

Johan<staggered>:"Alone? Against all 14 of them??"

Someone:"14? What happened to the 15th?"

Johan<laughing>:"Can you believe it? He started whining like a child all of a sudden, and then ran off home to cry on his wife's lap! Big Baby! HOAHOAHOAHOAHOAHOAHOA!!!"

Tsubasa<very angry>:"THAT..THAT..THAT FRIGGIN' BASTARD!!"

Before finishing his "B" word, he found himself frozen in his place, for the two men had stepped out of the room before doing his charge. They too stood in their places, staring at him in bewilderment.

Tsubasa<squeezing out>:"Uh, hehehehehehe...Hi folks! I was just standing at the door and..."


Tsubasa:"No, you told me to shift my position to the central MF..."

Johan:"Oh, did I? Maybe next time then<evil grin>!"

Tsubasa:"Oh, you wish!"

The other man couldn't help smiling due to what he had just seen. He stretched his right arm towards Tsubasa in a greeting gesture.

Someone:"Good to meet you. My name's Saleem, Saleem Qassim."

Tsubasa:"Yes, same here! The name's Ozora, Tsubasa Ozora."

Saleem:"No Kidding!! The famous Japanese player?! The Champion of Nankatsu High??"

Johan<bewildered>:"What?? You two know each other or what?!"

Tsubasa<confused>:"Yeah, good question! Do we know each other from somewhere?!"

Saleem:"Well, no, actually. I used to live with my dad in Japan back seven years ago, and I've seen you play on TV several times. You're great. Period."

Tsubasa<blushing>:"Aw, shucks! It was nothing...<giggle>..."

Johan:"Could you do me a favor, Ozora? GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT! NOOOOW!!!"

Tsubasa<fumed>:"Yuck! What did you eat this morning?!"

Everything was set now. All 14 players took their positions. Tsubasa didn't want to play, he was too soar to do so, so he decided to sit with Johan and bother him a little.. Saleem stood face to face with Kriford. They flipped the coin. It was Saleem's ball.

Tsubasa<hollering>:"What other choice does he have you idiots?! He's all alone for crying out loud! He doesn't even  have a Goal Keeper on his side!"

Johan:"I thought I told you to shut up!"

Tsubasa:"Hey man! Listen, I'm sick of...OK OK! I'll zip my trap!"

Kriford:"You'll be forever sorry for playing against the likes of me, Arab!"

Saleem:"Don't be too sure..."

Johan whistled. Saleem shoots out with the ball like a bullet. Kriford does his Thunder Tackle, but Saleem pushed his foot against the ball, sending him flying off to the "Out" area!

Kriford:"What the hell?! Ouch!!! My leg hurts!!! What the?! BLOOD!?!"
Tsubasa:"In the name of Christ, what the hell was that?!"
Johan:"Impossible!! This thin guy?! Kriford! Get up on your feet at once!"

Saleem cuts through his path in the same fashion and  is half-way there. Derekson, Schmitt, and Van Heimer formed a huge defense wall.

Saleem<raged>:"If you think that you are going to stop me by this maneuver, then you are MISTAKEN!!"

Tsubasa knew what he was going to do next. He jumped out of his place in warning.

Tsubasa:"Schmitt!! Get out of the way! NOW!!"

Saleem shoots the ball at the center of the wall, breaking Schmitt's nose off! Schmitt fell unconscious on the ground, causing a tremor because of his unimaginable weight. Saleem jumps over his victim, rolling the ball towards the goal.

Van Heimer<sobbing>:"SCHMITT!! SCHMITT!! Speak to me!!!"
Johan:"NO NO!! I'm ruined!!!"
Tsubasa<to himself>:"How is this possible?! He's thin and of a normal body frame. How could he knock out an elephant like Schmitt so easily?"

Saleem got close to the goal. Two gigantic Goal Keepers awaited him impatiently. Armen took the right corner, Aleksandr took the left, and Neal, the mid sized one of the three was standing at the back, but also at the center of the goal.

Saleem:"Yes! That's what I've been waiting for! Doraibu shutto da!!!"

Tsubasa<to Johan>:"WHAT WAS THAT HE SAID?!?!?"

Johan<obviously in another world>:"How should I know? You're the Japanese expert!!"


The ball soars towards the goal with a demonic speed and then bends down like a comet. But the ball landed on the Penalty Mark  too early.

Armen:"Hah! Fool! Doesn't even know how to imitate other people's shots! Bah!"

The ball keeps up spinning on the ground like a tornado, and then flies upwards to hit the upper goal post and deflects in Saleem's general direction.

Aleksandr:"What? How could this be possible?!

The ball stands in mid-air for a while, just enough for Saleem to shoot it with a devastating Double Kick. The ball shoots towards the goal again, generating a strange buzzing noise.

Neal:"Ah! I'm going to catch this one!"

The ball hits Neal in the sternum, while he got the chance to lock it with both of his arms. The ball was spinning madly like a wall drill. Unfortunately for Neal, he got pushed back by the ball's power.

Neal<hurt>:"Hey you guys! I could really use some help right now!"

So the two giants got hold of Neal, each one holding a shoulder.


To their sheer amazement, the ball slipped out of Neal's cross lock and went upwards, shattering Neal's jaw and ripping the top net open. Since the counter force of the three GKs was stronger than the ball, the spinning state it was in gave it a boost upwards...Saleem looked back to see his leftovers, paining in agony..."AJAX No More..." was all he said...


  Part Three