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The Ultimate Challenge
Part Fourteen: The Master

Surrounded by the plethora of clapping and cheers, Tsubasa was sure happy!  His goal saved his team from an imminent fate of failure...At least for now!  However, that did not stop his teammates to jump all over him in joy.

Pierre: Tono, I believe that this goal will enter the prestigious pages of the Guinness World Records book for being the most powerful shot in soccer history!

Tono: You've got that right, Pierre! But, I wonder if such a shot actually exhausts Tsubasa...

Ishizaki <rubbing Tsubasa's head>: Way to go man!!

Sorimachi: Yeah, you made the maintenance crew get off their lazy butts and fix the goal...

Kojiro: Great job, Tsubasa-kun

Tsubasa <glittering eyes>: Oh, thank you, Hyuga-kun!

Kojiro: Ok ok, don't get all mushy on me now!

Tsubasa: Right!

Diaz: Santana, did you see that shot?! It was incredible!

Santana: No, it was out of this world...And I know how he learned to achieve it.

Suddenly, Santana shifts his eyes down the field towards Roberto, a slight smile taking over his face.

Meanwhile, at an unpaved road...Gino and Shingo get out of the wreckage safely...

Shingo: It's all your fault man!

Gino: My fault?? Who insisted on getting a Fiat, huh Mr. OVERDRIVE?

Shingo: Oh, don't give me that crap! You're the one who's cheap enough to contribute five hundred yen to the rental!

Gino: All right, let's just stop this nonsense and figure out a way to get to the stadium. My love awaits!

Shingo: Wait, I think I see some lights at the distance...

Gino: Maybe you're dead!

Shingo: Oh, just shut up!

A few seconds later, a silver Mercedes CLK 320 stops at a screeching halt.  The tinted window slowly rolls down for the driver to speak.

Man: Need a ride?

Gino: Why yes...Wait a minute!!

Shingo: It can't be!! You're...!

Man: Just get in...

Back on the field...

Saleem <Punching the ground>: Damn him! Damn him! That Tsubasa was stronger than I expected! I should have finished him off in the Netherlands when I had the chance!

Fahad: Don't worry, captain! You have trained us well, so rest assured that our long efforts will not go a waste!

Saleem: Yes...How's Mahmoud?

Omar: Doesn't look good, his arm is broken from the wall slam...

Mahmoud <in pain>: Saleem, I'll be fine...Just need some pain killers that's all!

Saleem: Not with blood gushing all over the grass! Escort him to the stadium clinic!

Pierre: Tono, seems like the Bahraini team's goalkeeper is seriously injured from the Comet of Hell.

Tono: And the problem is that they don't have a replacement goalie. The referee is offering to cancel the match in favor of the Japanese team. Saleem doesn't seem too happy about this!

Saleem <to referee>: What?? You can't be serious! The first half didn't finish yet! We just can't surrender that easily! You should forbid  this ridiculous shot instead!

Tsubasa: Listen to him dude...

Saleem: Tsubasa, shut up!

Tsubasa: You're telling me to shut up??

Hyuga: Put a sock in it grinning boy!


Katagiri: Hey, BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP! And you better work on getting me the money for that cell phone you shattered, Hyuga!

Hyuga: Grrrr...

Tono: Wait! I can't believe my eyes! Is that Schneider I see at the front aisle?!

Pierre: Why, yes it is! The Kaiser of Soccer himself! I wonder what he is doing here?

Schneider: Guten Tag, Herr Saleem!

Tsubasa & Saleem: KARL!!

Schneider: Yah! And guess what? I've got your sister, Saleem!

Saleem: Where is she you little prick??

Schneider: Look up!

Looking up, Saleem spots his sister, Eman, hanging from a helicopter, obviously having her tied well with a wrap around her mouth and soaking wet from the rain.

Saleem: You, you filthy animal!! I'm going to kill you with my bare hands I swear!

Tsubasa: Hey, Schneider, what's the big deal man?? Why are you doing this?

Schneider: Tsubasa, of all people you should know what this idiot had done to my cousin Schmitt! And now, it is time for him to pay...By dropping her through the glass of this dome!

Matsuyama: You wouldn't dare!

Kazou and Masao: That's 120 feet!!

Schneider: Unless...

Misaki: Unless what?

Schneider: Unless he wins this game!

Hyuga: Too bad, don't you see that he already lost! His goalkeeper is bleeding like a dying cow and he ain't go no replacement!

Wakashimazu: Seems to me he's off the bet! Unless Morisaki would like to contribute his "valuable" services...

Morisaki: *gulp*

Schneider <signaling to the copter>: Oh, well, too bad I guess! Say good-bye to your only sister, peacock!

Saleem: NOOOOOOO!!!

Voice: STOP!

Everyone shifted their heads towards the source of the voice, only to see Gino Hernandez and Shingo Aoi at the entrance!

Schneider: Gino?? I thought you were dead!

Gino: Good thing I came just in time. Karl, don't be stupid...

Schneider <snickering>: Quit the heroic act, Hernandez. I know why you're really here!

Gino: I...

Before Gino could speak, the Mercedes owner stepped halfway through the entrance...A shadow casting over his built figure.

Voice: His team is not finished yet...

Schneider: And who might you be? Their guardian angel?

Wakabayashi <coming out>: If you say so, then yeah...


Tono: No, this can't be happening! It must be a dream! Ladies and gentlemen, the all-star, unstoppable, filthy rich Genzo Wakabayashi!!

Schneider <upset>: Oh, great! Now we'll have fun!

The whole stadium bursts in cheers and hoots, overwhelming the boos if any. The Japanese team couldn't believe their very own eyes.

Izawa: Captain!! I can't believe it!

Taki: It's been twelve years!!

Tsubasa <glittering eyes>: Genzo-kun...

Wakabayashi <smiling>: Tsubasa...

Hyuga <intruding>: I'll kick your butt, Genzo...Just like the old times...Haha!

Wakabayashi: Correction; you only kicked my butt once, and that was in sixth grade. Better update your brain's archives...If you still have one that is...Oh wait, I'm sorry! Weren't you a monk before? Then you REALLY don't have one!

Hyuga: WHY YOU arrogant idiot!

Hongo: Let's stop this useless chat! We've got a game to win! Show him your stuff, Tsubasa!

Tsubasa: Yes, sir!

Pierre <megaphone>: Ladies and gentlemen, it is official! Genzo Wakabayashi, goalie extraordinaire will join the Bahraini team for the rest of the first half and beyond!

Tono: This will indeed be interesting to watch! I wonder if he is able to stop the Comet of Hell!

Wakabayashi walks down the field and surveys both teams. His eyes meet Wakashimazu's in a flash of an instant, then carries on to where he is walking. Then, he smiles at Saleem, in reassurance of winning the game.

Tsubasa: Genzo-kun, why are joining Saleem's team?

Hyuga: Yeah! Got no pride in your own country?

Wakabayashi: No, Tsubasa, I really wanted to be on the Japanese team, but I was insulted by Minami-san!

Tsubasa <looking at Mikami>: Huh??

Mikami: He wanted to get paid an outrageous amount of money that was over the association's budget! The salary he wanted was double that we're paying for the whole team!

Gamou: It just doesn't make sense, Wakabayashi! You should learn from Wakashimazu, an honorable goalkeeper who is more interested than attaining the World Cup for his country than a measly fifteen million yen, isn't that right, Ken?

Ken: Well, err..For fifteen million...

Gamou <emabrrassed>: Ok, shhh!!

Wakabayashi: Whatever! Let the game begin! And Tsubasa!!

Tsubasa: Yes?

Wakabayashi: Your shot is of no match to me!

Tsubasa <confident>: Only time will tell...Only time will tell!

Tono: Everyone took their previous positions, and the ball is with the Bahraini team!

Pierre: And the referee blows the whistle!

Saleem: CHAAARGE!!!

Tsubasa: WHAT?!

At the command, all ten players of the Bahraini team ran towards the goal! Causing a tremor, the Japanese team began to shake!

Hyuga: Don't let them intimidate you! It's Saleem who should be watched! Don't waste your time on the others!!

ALL <except Tsubasa>: Right!!

Tsubasa <aside>: No, there must be another reason...

Saleem runs with the ball past the useless tackles of Sano and Misaki. When he arrived in front of the Tchibana brothers, he was in for a shocking surprise! The circus couple did their hurricane tackle by jumping off the bottom of one another's feet. Masao tackles Saleem in the blink of an eye, throwing the ball into the open.  Soda then runs towards it and pulls the ball to a stop.

Soda: I've got it! Tsubasa, here you go!

But before the poor doctor could pass the ball, Nasser, the biggest of the Bahraini team players, tackles Soda with such power, that he was forced to fly backwards.

Soda <hurt>: Crap!

Tsubasa: Man, I was right all along! Saleem wants to cover our area so that he does not lose the ball!

Saleem: Clever, but as always, you're late Tsubasa! Nasser, pass me the ball!

The ball gets passed to the Bahraini captain and continues running, throwing Jito and Ishizaki on the ground. He then pivots his foot on the penalty line and starts spinning like a tornado. He then kicked the ball with superior accuracy, sending it in a straight line, with the usual buzzing sound. It was between him and Wakashimazu...

Wakashimazu: A straight ball? This must be a joke! I'll stop it like a fly!

Tsubasa: NO! Don't underestimate his power!

But it was too late, for the ball slammed into Wakashimazu's shoulder, throwing him on his back, while the goal net suffered the burns and rips of the devious shot.


The coaches and everyone else rushed to the rescue. It was not a pleasant sight...

Katagiri: He's bleeding like a fountain!

Mikami: Yes, the ball ripped his shoulder muscles! And he's not insured either! Crap!

Gamou <to Takeshi>: Call an ambulance, quick!

Takeshi: I've already done so!

Tono: Ken Wakashimazu seems to be really hurt, and the paramedics are rushing to the field.  It seems that Morisaki will replace him!

Pierre: It is 2 to 1 in favor of the Bahraini team, and the first half is officially over after Wakashimazu is escorted off the soccer field. What a grim situation for the Japanese team, for the undefeatable Wakabayashi is with the opponent, I do not think they have a chance of winning!

Soda <in agony>: I think that big buffoon broke my leg!

Mikami: Oh, for the love of God!

Katagiri: Please tell us you're joking!

Tono: Pierre! It looks like Japan has to replace two of its star players! Does this spell their doom on the hands of Saleem and his minions??

Gino and Carlos answer Tono's question by jumping out from their spectator seats and into the field.

Hernandez & Santana: Wait!! We'll join your team!


Tsubasa <handshaking>: Welcome to my team, friends!

Hongo: Santana, show them how Brazilians kick butt!

Pierre: Don't be so quick in your judgment, Tono! Two megaplayers have just joined the team!

Tono: Wow! I hope my wife is taping this!

Wakabayashi <aside>: The more, the merrier...You cannot defeat a man whose hands perished Hyuga's Neo Tiger shot, bombed Tsubasa's Mega Drive shot and crushed Schneider's Kaiser shot...Behold...

Tsubasa <aside>: The Master!

The Final Part